Methylene Chloride / Dichloride / MDC

CAS #75-09-2



Methylene Chloride (CH₂Cl₂), also called dichloromethane is a commonly produced chloroalkane majorly used as a solvent in many industries. Methylene chloride solvent exists as a colourless liquid at room temperature, is dense, and is miscible in water. It has a sweet odour and is non- flammable, but releases toxic gases when exposed to very high temperatures. It is manufactured by reacting methane or monochloromethane with chlorine gas at high temperatures. Primarily, methylene chloride solvent does not occur naturally and is provided by top methylene chloride suppliers like us, Elchemy.


Dichloromethane, Methylene Bichloride, MDC, Methylene Dichloride







Clear Colourless Liquid

Molar Mass

153.82 g/mol


1.32 gm/cm 3

Melting Point

-97.0° C

Boiling Point

39.0° C

Solubility in Water

25.6 g/L (15 °C) 17.5 g/L (25 °C) 15.8 g/L (30 °C) 5.2 g/L (60 °C)

Vapour Pressure

0.13 kPa (−70.5 °C) 2 kPa (−40 °C) 19.3 kPa (0 °C) 57.3 kPa (25 °C)

Flash Point

None, but can form flammable vapour-air mixtures above ≈100 °C


At 298 K, the viscosity of dichloromethane is 0.413 mPa


Mildly Sweet Odour

APHA Value

5 max

Hazard Identification


Uses & Applications

Methylene chloride is used as a solvent in a lot of industries. Common applications include paint removal, degreasing, and as a solvent in adhesives, pharmaceuticals, metal cleaning, aerosols, coatings etc.

Market Driving Factors

North America

During this quarter, the price of Methylene Dichloride remained on the upper end compared to the previous quarter in the USA. Due to Russian invasion of Ukraine, manufacturing and constraints supply had suspended, which increased the cost of Methylene Dichloride in the American market. In late April, the USA market encountered a stock deficiency of feedstock Methanol because of different production rate diminishes. Because of low material accessibility, producers had to revise their offers. Besides, the request from downstream paint and coating enterprises stayed robust in the homegrown market, adding to cost increments. In June, the price of Methylene Dichloride in the US was USD 885/ton FOB Louisiana.

Asia Pacific

Methylene Dichloride prices gained momentum compared with the previous quarter due to improved purchasing rates and tepid market sentiments. In Q2 2022, the prices are still on the lower end with the utilization of existing inventories and stably operating manufacturing units. In June, the cost of Methylene Dichloride in India was USD 760/ton Ex- Depot Delhi NCR. Prices remained under pressure from oversupplies, as booming new MDC capacities in India affected the exports of China. MDC prices slumped with weak demand from downstream paint and coating industries. With two months of lockdown in major cities of China, domestic consumption of MDC reduced, resulting in a greater extent of exporting cargoes to overseas markets.


European Methylene Dichloride market stayed on the higher side with an increment in demand each month in Q2 2022 compared to previous quarters. Demand remained robust; however, the supply was insufficient, influencing the market fundamentals. Major MDC producers had introduced a surcharge on their products despite spiraling gas and power cost. Feedstock Methanol and Chlorine confronted the level of snugness makers who had shifted from negotiation on cost and expanded the price because of limited availability and higher production cost. Downstream paint and coating industries had additionally grown, and the market balance stayed firm, despite the ascent in adequate capacities this quarter. In June, the cost of Methylene Dichloride in Germany was USD 995/ton FOB Hamburg.

Grades Available

Pharmaceutical Grade, Industrial Grade


There are many manufacturers of Methylene Chloride in India. We, being the reputable methylene chloride suppliers work with some of the most high quality of these and provide you with an Indian origin MDC.


250 kg Net Weight GI Drums 20' container: 18 MT without pallet (Tentative) - 72 GI drums ISO Tanks and IBCs also available upon request

Stability/Shelf Life

36 months

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How do you use methylene chloride safely?


Use soap and water to thoroughly clean all surfaces that come into contact with Methylene chloride immediately. Workers should be provided with appropriate protective gear, such as splash-proof goggles, chemical-resistant aprons, lab coats, gloves, and safety glasses with side shields.

Can methylene chloride be stored in plastic?


Reactivity. Methylene chloride can be stored in containers made of typical building materials. However, it will attack some coatings, rubber, and plastics and may react with aluminum.

What happens if you touch methylene chloride?


Methylene chloride irritates the respiratory system, eyes, and skin. Methylene chloride skin contact or inhalation can cause these effects.

What are the dangers of methylene chloride?


MC must be stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area, away from heat sources, direct sunlight, and immediate fire hazards. Precautions and Conditions: Utilize laboratory procedures to minimize exposures.

What are the dangers of methylene chloride?


Methylene chloride (CH2Cl2) is a colorless liquid that has the potential to harm the heart, liver, skin, and eyes. Numbness, tingling, drowsiness, nausea, and dizziness are all symptoms of exposure. It might lead to cancer.

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