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Come join our team and build world class industry defining products while working with an extra-ordinary team.

Great Culture and Amazing Workplace

A typical day at Elchemy is full of challenges, the workplace environment here is of learning at every step and helps build one's self-confidence, while strengthening creative problem solving skills. For us passion and commitment is at our core.
Apart from being challenged on a daily basis, we want our team to have fun and enjoy at Elchemy. We promise ‘peace of mind’ to our customers, want to promise the same to our team as well.
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Why Join Us


Be a part of a flexible working culture that promotes flexible timings, flexible leave policy, and work from home


Be part of a continuous learning culture by constantly upgrading your knowledge, working with the best people

Focus on Upskilling

Constantly engage in upskilling yourself. We take care of reimbursements of expenses on books, courses and trainings

Amazing Workplace

Have fun at work by being part of an amazing work culture that encourages learning, innovation and fun

Great Colleagues

Work with a set of diverse set of friends and colleagues - all motivated towards the same vision and help you grow


Be a part of a journey that will enable technology at scale and transform the way how this industry operates

Our Values

Stay Passionate

Maybe the most overused and misused word in the culture decks of companies, but we really mean it. We’re passionate about our vision of transforming the chemical industry supply chains.

First-principles Thinking

We're a bunch of engineers and chemists, and we like breaking down problems into smaller problems. Helps us find better solutions.

Take Ownership

JDs at Elchemy are more of a guiding document. We move out of them very frequently to help our peers and to learn more. The end-goal is to help customers get the best experience possible.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Elchemy, we create a work environment where everyone is valued, respected, heard and opinions matter. 

Employee First

For us, not just our buyers and suppliers but all our employees also matter. We take pride in our employees' growth and help them in every way possible. Happy Employee = Happy Customer.

Have Fun at Work

At Elchemy, we firmly believe in having fun while doing work. Working at Elchemy is like playing a sport. You win some day, you lose some day. But you don't stop having those moments of laughter with the team.

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