Calcium Stearate

CAS #1592-23-0



Calcium stearate is a carboxylate salt of calcium, classified as a calcium soap.Calcium stearate is produced by heating stearic acid and calcium oxide.Calcium stearate is having very low solubility in water and due to its waxy nature,easy to produce cheaply and low toxicity,calcium stearate is having many applications.


Calcium octadecanoate; Octadecanoic acid; Calcium salt; Calcium distearate





Calcium di(octadecanoate)


White to yellowish white powder

Molar Mass

607.02 g/mol


1.08 g/cm³

Melting Point

155 °C

Boiling Point

358.00 to 360.00 °C @ 760.00 mm Hg

Solubility in Water


Vapour Pressure

0.000009 mmHg @ 25.00 °C

Flash Point

162.22 °C


Not applicable


Slight fatty acid characteristic

APHA Value

Not applicable

Hazard Identification

Not classified as DG Goods.

Uses & Applications

Calcium Stearate is used as a flow agent in the food industry.

Calcium Stearate is used as a waterproofing agent in the Construction, Pulp and Paper industry.

Calcium Stearate has a wide market in the Personal care and Pharmaceutical industry due to its anti caking and gelling properties.

Calcium Stearate has a good market opportunity as a lubricant and releasing agent in the plastic , rubber industry & pigment industry.

Market Driving Factors

Calcium Stearate Market size is expected to grow by $1.2 billion by 2025, after growing at a CAGR of 4.5% during 2020-2025. Key driving force is the growing plastic industry and increasing use of calcium stearates in tyre production in the automotive industry. 

Grades Available

Elchemy International can offer the below three grades of Calcium Stearates both manufactured via precipitation as well as fusion process. Technical Grade / Standard grade Food Grade Pharmaceutical Grade


Elchemy deals with the well known Indian brands of stearates and can offer Indian origin Calcium Stearate.


Elchemy International offers 25 Kgs. PP Bags or Laminated Paper Bags with extra inner Poly-liner.

Stability/Shelf Life

Calcium Stearate can be stable when it is stored in a cool, dry and well ventilated area.

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