2-Acrylamido 2-Methyl Propane Sulphonic Acid (AMPS)

CAS # 15214-89-8



AMPS is a reactive, Hydrophilic, Sulphonic acid monomer used to alter properties of various anionic polymers. AMPS is prepared by a ritter reaction between acrylonitrile and Isobutene in the presence of Sulfuric acid and water.


2-Methyl-2-(prop-2-enamido)propane-1-sulfonic acid





2-Methyl-2-(prop-2-enamido)propane-1-sulfonic acid


White crystalline powder or granular particles

Molar Mass

207.24 g/mol


1.1 g/cm3 (15.6 °C)

Melting Point

195 °C (383 °F; 468 K)

Boiling Point


Solubility in Water

150 gAMPS/100 g solvent

Vapour Pressure

<0.1 hPa (25 °C)

Flash Point

160 °C





APHA Value

100 max

Hazard Identification

UN number 3261 , Class 8

Uses & Applications

Acrylic fiber Manufacturing : 

Due to high capacity of dye receptivity, moisture absorbency and static resistant AMPS is widely used in manufacturing of   acrylic, modified-acrylic, polypropylene and polyvinylidene fluoride fibres.

Coating and adhesive: 

Addition of AMPS improves thermal and mechanical properties of adhesives and increases its strength,Hence it is widely used in manufacturing of coatings and adhesives.

Detergents & Personal Care 

APMS increases the washing performance of surfactants and provides lubricant characteristics to skin care products. 

Medical Application

Due to its High water-absorbing and swelling capacity,AMPS is used in Hydrogel. 

Oil field applications

AMPS copolymers can inhibit fluid loss and be used in oil field environments as scale inhibitors, friction reducers and water-control polymers, and in polymer flooding applications.

Water treatment applications

Due to high molecular weight,AMPS can be used to precipitate solids in the treatment of industrial effluent streams.


AMPS increases water flow, retention and fouling resistance of asymmetric ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes.

Construction applications

Superplasticizers with AMPS are used to reduce water in concrete formulations. 

AMPS controls air pore content and prevents agglomeration of powders during the spray-drying process from the powder manufacturing and storage.

Market Driving Factors

Rapid growth of the construction field is the driving force for increase in demand of AMPS. Also, nowadays people are more focused on hygiene related matters which increases demand for the product in the water treatment industry. Expected CAGR growth is in between 2-8 % from 2021-2028.

Grades Available

Higher than 99%,97%-99%,Below 97%




25 kg poly lined bags and shipped on pallets 150 kg (200 litre) fibre drums 600 kg HDPE Jumbo Bags

Stability/Shelf Life

AMPS can be stored below +30 Degree C.

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